Upgraded 3-in-1 filter element, filtered and drinkable O1 WATER PURIFIER

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400G flux | 3-in-1 compound filter element | fully imported material of filter element | APP monitoring water quality.


After filtration the water quality complies with General Standard for Bottled Drinking Waters

In order to verify the water quality after purification, we’ve engaged professional testing agency to conduct near 100 tests of water quality strictly according to the requirements of Sanitary Standard for Drinking Water Quality, the test data have demonstrated that many indicators of the water quality after purification with oollee water purifier are better than national standard.

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4-stage filtration

stage 1

Folding PP filter element from South Korea remove large grains such as silt, rust etc

stage 2

Front activated carbon bar from South Korea, to remove peculiar smell and residual chlorine

stage 3

RO membrane from USA, to remove antibiotics, organic matters, heavy metals and nirites

stage 4

Rear activated carbon bar from South Korea, to further improve mouth feel


upgraded 3-in-1 filter element,
lower cost

2 filter elements for 4 stages of filtration help saving space and cost

Rear sintering activated carbon
PP fiber
Front activated carbon
RO membrane

1 filter element has the function of 3 filter elements for convenient and secure use

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Innovative 3-in-1 filter element, 3 filter elements respectively of stage 1, stage 2 and 4 are integrated into 1 filter element, rear sintering activated carbon is further improved and optimized, leading to better filtration effect and lower replacement cost

perfect performance

Elaborately adjusted proportion of filter medium, perfect matching of performance in each stage

The consumption of PP fiber, front activated carbon and rear activated carbon varies, after integrating into 1 filter element, it requires scientific and precise ratio of filter media to obtain equal consuming progress.

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filter replacement

Replace filter element once per year, to avoid frequent replacement

Compared with traditional water purifier, at least 4 filter elements are replaced for common filter element per year, however, upgraded 3-in-1 compound filter element needs to be replaced only once per year.

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Innovative 3-in-1 compound filter element renewed once a year

400G Reverse Osmosis filter renewed once every two years

fast water flow and real- time filtering

400G flux and tank-free design, filtering & drinking fresh water. 400G huge water output, 0,264 u.s.gal./min ... Read more water output meets family demand, faster water output than common water purifier, real-time filtration, water output after 1s, production of 10 pieces of bottled water only within 5 minutes.

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3d integrated water line

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Three–dimensional integrated water line is realized from connecting points to reduce hidden risk of water leakage, while improving water production efficiency; it can resist 3.2MPa high pressure, so the user may use the product safely.

smart faucet prompts water quality

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Blue lamp indicates drinkable water, and orange lamp indicates undrinkable water

Blue lamp ON indicates drinkable purified water for direct drinking

Orange lamp ON indicates cleaning or needing to replace filter element, and what cannot be drunk directly

The user knows whether water quality conforming to applicable standard simply from the prompt ... Read more of the light on purified water faucet, whether direct drinking is acceptable, whether better filter element is required, and whether the purifier is in abnormal condition; #304 Stainless Steel faucet is used for safer quality of water output

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oollee app

independent change of filter element, one–click shopping with app and expressed home

No worry about when replacing filter element, oollee APP (www.oollee.com) will smartly remind you of replacing filter element, and you can place one-click erdering, have the filter element deliver to you home, and ensure authentic goods.

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Check water condition anytime

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With the function to connect to Wi–Fi, the user may check water condition at home via oollee APP, including before and after water purification, quantity of water consumption, water temperature state etc.

aesthetic design, unique and exquisite


Product name

oollee 01 type RO(reverse osmosis) purifier

Product type


Product dimension



41~100.4°F municipal tap water

Rated total volume of purified water

528,34 u.s.gal.

Flow of purified water

0.264 u.s.gal./min

Inflow pressure


Operating pressure


Rated voltage


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Rated frequency


Rated power


Type of electric shock protection

Class II

Applicable standard Number

Q/YM 001-2015

Applicable environment


Net weight

19,6 Ib

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∅ 246mm

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